Explore Vancouver's top attractions! Use the app to find the most popular sites and places. Just lift & point your device to see what lies in that direction and how far it is. It works offline too...

Explore the city with confidence

The app is meant to give you the confidence to explore without ruining the experience by pre-planning everything. We have chosen the best points of interest so you can find your adventure or identify majestic mountains decorating the skyline. If you want step-by-step directions, launching Apple Maps with directions is just a tap away...

What Can I Do With It?

• Get direction & distance to the most popular attractions
• Figure out where you are in relation to a point of interest
• Share a point of interest with picture
• "See" landmarks through tall buildings & obstructions
• "See" mountain peaks through fog and drizzle
• Get detailed Apple Maps directions to your destination

This app will let you enjoy your destination in a new way!

Easy to use

We've made the app dead simple to use and super fast. It comes pre-loaded with hand-picked points of interest so there are no additional downloads to perform or connection issues to get in your way.


Top 30+ Points of Interest

We hand-picked the top points of interest to make sure you have a great time exploring your destination.

Works Offline Too :)

The core features of this app work even when you are offline or roaming, so just have fun!

Spotlight & Search Mode

After running the app once, you can use Spotlight to search for points of interest.

Handpicked Points of Interest

The app includes the best of what Vancouver has to offer during your visit. Click the button to see which points of interest are included.

Points of Interest

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